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What is the Impaired Driver Care Management Program Requirement?

The police officer who pulled you over said that he smelled alcohol on your breath and that you were swerving in your lane. You had no idea. You thought you were completely sober.

Nevertheless, when you took the Breathalyzer test, your results showed that you had a blood alcohol content of .09 percent. This not a high level of alcohol in the system compared to other DWI accusations, but it's .08 percent or above. Therefore, you were too drunk to drive.

As it turns out, the punch you were drinking at the party contained a lot of alcohol and you didn't even realize it. The DWI charge led to your conviction, and now you're being asked to fulfill your Impaired Driver Care Management Program Requirement. What is that?

The Impaired Driver Care Management Program Requirement

The Impaired Driver Care Management Program, or IDCMP, is a punishment associated with many New Hampshire DWI convictions. The IDCMP is an education program intended to increase awareness about drunk driving, while providing an opportunity to assess whether someone requires additional substance abuse treatment.

As a part of the IDCMP, you will have to complete an interview with a specialist who will ascertain whether you require further assistance like alcoholism treatment, substance abuse treatment or counseling. If this further assistance is not required, you will be asked to simply complete the Impaired Driver Education Program (IDEP) or the Weekend Impaired Driver Education Program (WIDEP). If your evaluator feels you need additional treatment, you will be required to participate in a more involved treatment protocol.

Preventing penalties and punishments associated with a DWI charge

Not all New Hampshire residents accused of DWI will be found guilty of the offenses -- even those who fail their breathalyzer tests. If you can successfully defend against your DWI charges, you will not be subject to the numerous DWI punishments, like the IDCMP described above.

The more you know about your legal rights in relation to your DWI defense, the better chances you'll have of (1) getting your charges dropped or dismissed, or (2) obtaining a reduction in punishments if conviction is likely.

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